Press Release: Follow-up with COVID-19 tracking in Kansas


April 2, 2020  –   In a press conference today, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly addressed concerns raised by Kansas Justice Institute regarding a recent report indicating that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment was using a GPS program to track residents’ locations through their phones.

This evening, KJI sent a follow-up letter to Gov. Kelly confirming her statements today, thanking her for the timely response, and renewing our state’s commitment to civil liberties.

Sam MacRoberts, with the Kansas Justice Institute, says, “KJI will continue to monitor the civil liberties of all Kansans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and response. We thank Governor Kelly for responding to our concerns.”

“Transparency and accountability will safeguard both our public health and our liberties. Together, we will flatten this curve with our liberties intact,” concluded MacRoberts.


Contact: Ellen Hathaway, Communications Director of Kansas Policy Institute, [email protected]