Food Trucks and Mobile Businesses

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The Right to Earn An Honest Living.

The Problem

Running a small business is tough. It’s even more challenging when the government puts unreasonable, unfair, and unnecessary roadblocks in your way.

Cities around Kansas make it excruciatingly difficult for food trucks and other mobile vendors to earn an honest living. The permitting fees alone are a significant challenge for food truck owners. Making matters worse, municipalities oftentimes restrict where vendors can set up shop. They won’t let food trucks fairly compete against restaurants, for example.

Competition Restrictions – Unreasonable and Arbitrary

Permitting Fees – Unreasonable and Excessive

Why This Matters

Food truck owners and other mobile businesses have a constitutional right to earn an honest living, free from unreasonable government regulations. The government shouldn’t put their thumbs on the scale and protect restaurants from competition.

Economic Protectionism Isn’t Constitutional

Kansans have a fundamental and natural right to earn honest livings, free from unreasonable, arbitrary, and protectionist government regulations. They have the right to be treated equally under the law—meaning, cities can’t prohibit food trucks in areas where it would allow similar restaurants unless there’s a good reason to do so. Cities don’t prevent barber shops from competing against hair salons; or keep one pharmacy away from another. They shouldn’t do that for food trucks either.

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