Parents protest quarantine decision outside Timber Creek Elementary

JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) — Dozens of Johnson County parents are protesting a decision that requires more than 100 elementary students to quarantine at home for two weeks.

The crowd gathered outside Timber Creek Elementary School, which is in the Blue Valley School District.

They claim a teacher who was teaching an outside class at the school tested positive for COVID-19. They say students were practicing social distancing and most kept masks on, most of the time.

They argue the decision to quarantine so many in this case is an over-reaction.

“The reaction to quarantine these kids when there has truly not been an exposure that in any way would put them at risk for contracting coronavirus is a significant overreaction,” said Dr. Christine White. “I do not want this to become the new normal. I do not want our kids to get into school and then a ‘exposure’ takes them out again.”

Among those at the rally was Johnson County Commissioner Mike Brown, who has been an outspoken opponent of mask requirements and other measures.

We reached out to the Blue Valley School District to find out more about the situation.

They responded with this statement: “On September 16, 2020 the school district became aware of a potential COVID-19 exposure in one of its elementary schools. The district notified the county health department, and the health department issued quarantine directives.”

The district also referred us to the letter from the health department.

It says, in part: “Based on the information we have been provided, quarantine is the appropriate mitigation action to contain the spread. It is very important to adhere to quarantine recommendations so the spread does not become wider, impacting even more people.”