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Kansas Policy Institute Forms Legal Center


Kansas Policy Institute is pleased to announce that Kansas native Sam MacRoberts is joining us as General Counsel for our new public interest litigation center – Kansas Justice Institute. Through education, advocacy, and litigation, KJI will work to limit the size and scope of government. We’ll represent people who can’t afford on their own to prevent government from interfering with their constitutional rights.

KJI will be prepared to defend freedom wherever the fight may be – in the state capitol, the media, city hall or even courtrooms. Infringements on liberty in Washington DC may get the headlines, but there are efforts to encroach Kansans’ freedom right here in Topeka. For example:

* There’s a proposal to eliminate the requirement for proof of citizenship to vote.

* Cities and counties want to set minimum pay and benefit levels for employees of private employers in their jurisdiction.

* Unions want to make teachers and other public employees pay dues even if they don’t join the union.

Sam MacRoberts was recently hired as the General Counsel and Litigation Director for the Kansas Justice Institute. He is responsible for developing and implementing the Institute’s comprehensive litigation strategy.

Sam has litigated in state and federal courts since 2006. He has sued governments who overstepped their bounds in matters involving free speech and unlawful intrusions; defended countless people against the government; and fought to protect the rights of citizens, so they remain free to pursue the lives they wish.

Creativity and passion are his hallmarks and firmly believes that if you do not fight for your rights, you will lose them.

Sam was raised in Leawood, Kansas. He earned his Political Science and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Kansas.